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What is the difference between temp agencies and recruiting agencies ?

Differences temp agencies & recruiting agencies

Temp agency, temporary agency, recruiting agency, staffing agency, employment agency, hiring agency, even job agency…

A lot of terms can refer to a company in charge of finding new jobs for its clients and candidates, and people often tend to group them in a whole. But which ones really are similar, which ones are not, and what are the differences?

In this article, we are going to study those types of agencies, and explain in which aspects they are different, and which one is best suited for you. In addition, we will also show us how recruiting the Auxo way is quite special and exclusive in many aspects.



Let's start with some clarification about the main terms, temp & recruiting agency, and all the terms associated, shall we?

1. Temp agency

A temp agency, also referred as temping agency or staffing agency sometimes, stands for “temporary agency”.

They are firms that specialise in finding positions for candidates looking for temporary work, seasonal, part-time, and in filling vacancies for companies seeking to employ candidates on a temporary basis, or temp-to-hire workers.

Temp-to-Hire refers to a situation where an individual is hired for a temporary period, often 3-6 months, and then at the end of that period, the employee is eligible for a full-time position, but that is not always the case.

Companies often seek temporary staff to be employed on a project-by-project basis during busy periods. That is where temp agencies come in to play, sending their consultants.

Contrary to any recruiting agency, temp agencies are in charge of finding, hiring, and onboarding of the new employee, but also paying and firing him or her. Therefore, all temps are employees of the temp agency, providing them with wage, benefits, tax status…

2. Recruiting agency

While temp agencies only offer temporary work, recruiting agencies or staffing agencies focus on the long-term needs of their clients as well as placing candidates in what can turn out to be full time employment with major corporations.

Their final goal is to recruit new employees, where recruitment refers to the process of attracting, selecting, screening, and hiring qualified candidates for jobs within an organization, matching the right skill set and experience required.

3. Auxo Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting options, Auxo Recruitment comes at a premium! Auxo is a recruitment startup, a recruiting agency specialized in finding THE perfect fit for its clients, most often tech startups in a large expanding phase.

While other recruiters may be tempted to provide quantity over quality, Auxo is focusing on the quality of the process and the relationships for both candidates and clients. This added value is the result of a very selective recruiting process, because we want our clients to grow with the best employees in a long-term point of view.

Hence, Auxo does not work for a contracting company but with them, like a proper extension of the company’s HR division, as a sport agent might do for his or her athletes.


Which one is best suited for me?

Now that we know more precisely the differences between temp agencies, recruitment agencies, and staffing agencies, let’s take a closer look on which type will be more appropriate for a company looking to expand.

You should also keep in mind that some companies can do both short-term & long-term, working on different profiles for different businesses. For example, one team might be assigned to a specific project, using temporary workers, whilst another team or division is recruiting long-term employees for their clients.

So, here are all the benefits of each type of agency:

1. Temp agency

  • Your organization can focus on what’s important because temp agencies oversee hiring, firing, paying, and even offering training for temporary workers.

  • The onboarding process is usually cheaper because new employees would not necessarily have to embrace and fit the firm’s culture, as they may be hired for a few months.

  • One of the best advantages of a temp agency is the flexibility they provide, giving you multiple scheduling options.

  • You can open the valves as you go. If you need more people or less people, temp agencies usually give the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of people for specific projects.

2. Recruiting agency

  • Recruiters know their business. Recruitment takes a huge amount of time and expertise, and it can be a real struggle to find an appropriate candidate, even for a Talent Acquisition Specialist. By working with a recruitment agency, you will benefit from their knowledge of the sector, valuable insights, and understanding of the position.

  • They are fast. If you have an emergency, or simply looking to fulfill a role quickly because it is essential for your business, recruitment agencies will find you a great quantity of candidates in a short amount of time.

  • They are pretty accurate in terms of matching candidates with companies. Recruitment agencies will have the experience to find a good number of candidates with the proper experience and skill set for your company, when filling up a specific need may be a struggle. As a result, it will provide your business with higher quality candidates.

  • For candidates, working with a recruitment agency allow them to be exposed to different opportunities and organizations at the same time, that can suit their career aspirations. It puts people in a great position to end up working in a role and environment they aspire to.

3. Auxo Recruitment

  • A tailor-made service. Given the large network of qualified people and its specialization, Auxo will find THE perfect fit for your company, matching your skills, experience, but also corporate culture.

  • The Auxo way; Working with tech startups and people across North America, Auxo plays a big role in recruitment for companies looking to keep a high level of quality during their expansion by allowing them to build long-term relationship with top-of-the-line candidates.

  • Strong values for a better service; At auxo we are strong believers that transparency, communication, and respect between clients and recruitment agency leads to a better quality of the relationships, therefore better candidates for your growth.

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Michelle Catapang
13. Jan. 2023

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