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Auxo Recruitement values and mission

Our story goes back to the beginning of the COVID19 crisis, in March 2020, where Jean-Philippe Martineau decided to start an organization that assist Quebec SMB by structuring rehiring & commercial activities plans and help laid-off candidate to find employment opportunities. After several discussions and consultations with business owners, Jean-Philippe realized that there was a true opportunity to help startups owners; Talent acquisition in early stage startups is one of the most crucial elements that will determinate the future of the organization. Any strategic or selection mistake could be fatal. The is why Jean-Philippe decided to work exclusively with Quebec startups, by assisting them in their growth. Having already helped few organizations and funding companies, Jean-Philippe decided to ally with a strategic partner, Kevin Buckingham, having a similar vision and common values, and also a strong expertise with the market. This strategic partnership will help the co-founders achieve their ultimate goals; changing the world, one business at a time… 

Changing the world ... One business at a time!

Auxo recruitement opportunities for tech startups

Founded in 2020, Auxo Recruitment, is an agency specialized in consulting services and recruitment, working exclusively with startups, helping them achieve their growth goals by offering tailored hiring solutions. No matter if you are preparing for an investment round or already received one, Auxo will be there to adapt to your reality and your current needs, to help you maximize your achievements. 

Who are we ?

Auxo Recruitment has for main mission to help startups in their goals and achievement, in a long-term perspective, by taking care of the human aspect of the company, to ultimately contribute to the economical & technological stimulation of the local & international market. 


Auxo Recruitment wants to become the international leader in assisting startups in their growth goals. In a mid-term perspective, Auxo will also assist their customers with a 360 technological & centralized solution to assist starting and growing businesses, from end to end, in their daily objectives. Expected services will range from professional services such as recruitment, consulting, lawyers & accounting, to office installations and centralized systems. 


  • We value transparency – Auxo Recruitment commit to always be transparent with their customers, candidates and employees. This is a mutual adventure and we want everybody to be engage. 

  • Our culture is based on active listening and constant learning – The main purpose of Auxo Recruitment is based on the active listening and understanding of our clients, candidates and employees, to offer tailored services, but also to learn from each other and grow to improve our relationships. 

  • Our future is based on relationships – Our clients, candidates and employees are the core of our success. We commit to always listen to them and adapt to a constantly evolving market. 

  • We adapt to the reality and the environment of our clients – Working with businesses that are built on lean startup principles, we always make sure to offer services, exchange communications and provide tools that are lean and worthy of a startup environment, to make sure our clients can focus on their core business. 

  • We play hard to work hard – We believe that we need to maintain a fun, casual and friendly culture, to not only make sure we can overachieve the expectations of our client, but also make sure we overachieve our professional goals. 

Mission - Vision - Values

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