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Our clients

The main purpose of Auxo Recruitment is based on the active listening and understanding of our clients, candidates and employees, to offer tailored services, but also to learn from each other and grow to improve our relationships. Our clients, candidates and employees are the core of our success. We commit to always listen to them and adapt to a constantly evolving market. Working with businesses that are built on lean startup principles, we always make sure to offer services, exchange communications and provide tools that are lean and worthy of a startup environment, to make sure our clients can focus on their core business.  We believe that we need to maintain a fun, casual and friendly culture, to not only make sure we can overachieve the expectations of our client, but also make sure we overachieve our professional goals. 

Our team

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Jean-Philippe Martineau
Co-Founder / CEO Auxo

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Kevin Buckingham
Co-Founder / COO Auxo

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